Core entity: Organization

An Organization is here intended as the (metadata) description/representation of an organization involved in the scholarly communication chain, such as companies, research centers and institutions involved as project partners or as responsible of operating Datasources.
Information about organizations is collected from entity registry datasources providing information about projects and CRIS systems.
Organizations collected from CORDA (datasource for the EC FP7 projects) belongs to a subclass of Organization: CORDA Organization.

Property Type Multiplicity Description
Legal short name Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Legal name Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Web site url Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Logo url Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Relationship Target Multiplicity Description
CollectedFrom Datasource 1..N A Datasource from which this Person has been collected (e.g. an aggregator of institutional repositories, an entity registry)
Datasource_Organization Datasource 0..N The Datasource related to this Organization. For example, if an organization has an institutional repositories, then the institutional repository is a Datasource related to the organization
Project_Organization Project 0..N The Project this Organization is involved into
Organization_Organization Organization 0..N
Organization_Result Result 0..N