Core entity: Project

A Project is here intended as the (metadata) description/representation of a research project.

Property Type Multiplicity Description
Project code Structured(String,-,Provenance) 1..1
Title Structured(String,-,Provenance) 1..1
Acronym Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Call identifier Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Contract type Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Keywords Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Web site url Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Start date Structured(Date,-,Provenance) 0..1
End date Structured(Date,-,Provenance) 0..1
Duration Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
EC SC39 Structured(Boolean,-,Provenance) 0..1 This property is only available for EC funded projects
OA Mandate Publications Structured(Boolean,-,Provenance) 0..1 if EC SC39 exists, this property has the same value; for H2020 projects this property has value TRUE; default value FALSE
Subjects Structured(-, Qualifier, -) 0..N Set of subjects of the project. Controlled vocabulary to be specified soon.
EC article29-3 Structured(Boolean,-,Provenance) 0..1 This property corresponds to the opt-in opt-out close of the EC Data Pilot; it is only available for EC H2020 funded projects, for others is set to FALSE
Relationship Target Multiplicity Description
CollectedFrom Datasource 1..N A Datasource from which this Project has been collected (e.g. an aggregator of institutional repositories, an entity registry)
Funded by FundingStream 1..N Funding Stream that funded this project
Project_Organization Organization 0..N Organization involved in this project
Person_Project Person 0..N A Person involved in this Project
Result_Project Result 0..N Result that is co-funded by this project