A Result is here intended as the (metadata) description/representation of a scientific output (possibly) resulting out of one or more projects. Results has the following sub-entities: Publication and Dataset.

Property Type Multiplicity Description
Title Structured(String,Qualifier,Provenance) 1..N the titles of the Result, each with a typology represented by a Qualifier and Provenance information. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:dataCite_title.
Date of acceptance Date 1..1
Publisher Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Description Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..N Contains the Abstract of the Result
PID Structured(String,Qualifier,Provenance) 0..N unique and persistent identifier used to identify the result together with the relative identification agency. The identification agency is expressed in the Qualifier part. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:pid_types
Language Structured(-, Qualifier, -) 0..1 the language used in the description or body of the Result, specified according to the ISO639 3-letter language codes. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:languages
Subject Structured(String,Qualifier,Provenance) 0..N the scientific discipline covered by the Result. The Qualifier part specifies the subject classification scheme the value belongs to. The list of supported subject classification schemes is defined in Qualifier.scheme dnet:subject_classification_typologies
Instance Instance 1..N An Instance of the Result, which represents a physical location where the Result files (web resources entities, possibly identified by DOIs) can be found
External Reference ExternalReference 0..N A link to an external resource that is not available as an entity in OpenAIRE. A reference is described by a web site name, a web URL, an identifier and the type of reference (e.g. a protein referred in a publication is represented as an external reference to the Protein Data Bank, with type ‘accessionNumber’)
Source Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..N maps the dc:source element
Context Context 0..N Information about the fundings and/or research initiatives related to the Result
Country Structured(-, Qualifier, -) 0..N the countries of the organizations to which the authors of the Result are affiliated to at the moment of publishing; values specified according to the ISO3166 2-letter country codes. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:countries
Best Access Rights Structured(-, Qualifier, -) 1..1 The most "Open" license value found among the Instances of a Result. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:access_modes For Publications the value belongs to the vocabulary [1]
Relationship Target Multiplicity Description
Result_Project Project 0..N The Project that co-funded the research underlying the Result
Person_Result Person 0..N Link to Person entities (e.g. authors, contributors)
Result_Result Result 0..N Link to Result entities (e.g. similar publications, related datasets)
Organization_Result Organization 0..N

[1] License ordering: the Best Access Rights is automatically assigned as the "openest" license available among the licenses of the Instances of the Result based on the following ordering, from the "openest" to the "closest":


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